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The More is, Roofs, Pool Cages & Decks, Seawalls & Docks, Sidewalks & Driveways, Curbing you name it.
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Cleaning of your home single or two story, consists of walls from top to bottom, front entry and walkway, soffit's, eaves & gutters. I can also clean your drive and walkways, Pool cages and decks, Pavers cleaning and sealing, Seawalls and docks, Roofs, shingle or Tile.

Low-pressure cleaning is best for the exterior structure of your home. Cleaning is done more effectively, while reducing the possibility of paint removal or other damage. High-pressure washing is best for solid surfaces. 

 One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is cleaning of the roof - it is too often over-looked. It is especially important here in Florida, where black mold grows rampant. Mold growth will drastically decrease the life of asphalt shingles and reduce the breathability of any type of roof. Hindering proper ventilation causes your home to lose efficiency, and your utility bills will increase.

Your home will not look it's best with a dirty roof.
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Pressure-washing doesn't kill Mold & Algae, Chemicals with low-pressure washing will. A home cleaned this way typically stays clean 3 to 5 times longer than just pressure washing alone. I have been to homes cleaned just months ago, that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years, Due to a high mold problem that hasn't been tended to properly. This goes for roofs as well the most over looked part of the home, you can drive down your street and see it on almost every home, black streaks, or in many cases completely black when the shingle or tile is not, with mold will eat up your roof, in my opinion it should be the first priority of all when it comes to cleaning any part of the home.

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Caring for one of your biggest investments - your home! Proper cleaning & maintenance increases the life & beauty of your home and property. Let me help you get started today!

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